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Sound Credit Union: Local Roots, Global Awards

Project at a Glance

The Sound Credit Union team has a delightful sense of humor and a unique commitment to providing service the way the member wants it – but their website didn’t reflect that, their capabilities, or their membership. 

  • Client

    Sound Credit Union

  • Industry

    Credit Union

  • Type of Project

    Website Redesign

  • Services

    Web Design & Development

The Challenge

Sound Credit Union needed to integrate its new brand identity into the website and create a digital presence that highlighted its local roots and progressive approach to banking.

The old site was ad-heavy and did not do justice to Sound’s unique personality and commitment to community, so we got to dig in and get to know what makes Sound stand out – then show it on the website!

website home pages

Know your visitor

Members and prospective members come to a credit union home page to accomplish completely different tasks. Members need to easily log into online banking, while prospective members want to know more about the credit union before joining.

This can lead marketing departments to jam brand introduction, marketing messages, and current member information all into the same precious real estate, making it messy and difficult for anyone to navigate—the opposite of what we want!

Our solution was to have two versions of the home page: one for members, the other for prospects. Everyone can take the actions they need, and Sound is able to track the behavior of their site visitors.

website home pages

ATM Finder

Sound Credit Union serves a large, urban area in Washington; with almost 80 miles between some branches, an ATM Finder was a necessity. By connecting to the credit union co-op network, we made it possible for credit union members to find a fee-free ATM wherever they are. Using geolocation, we also optimized the ATM finder for mobile devices since 80% of members are on mobile when looking for an ATM.

location finder

Two for one


The single most frequently taken action by existing credit union members is to log into online banking. When Sound  members sign on to look at their accounts, they now see a credit union promotion or other important information without being interrupted from their task, and Sound achieves a significantly higher click rate than with traditional promo placements.

online banking login

Call in the (brand) reinforcements

Websites can atrophy over time–the brand identity can feel scattered, pages are added haphazardly, and the result is a complicated, messy site that drives people away. It makes sense, then, that a common concern we hear at the start of a redesign process is the desire for consistent and elegant implementation of brand elements.

Sound was no exception, and for this project, we reinforced the brand through the use of color coded sections of the website that intuitively guide the buyer journey.

Consistent and elegant use of brand identity? Check! Excellent user experience? Check! All while ensuring ADA compliance through proper contrast? Check!

home pages

More than just a big check

There are plenty of ways for a credit union to show how they give back to the community. We’ve all seen the tiny photo of folks holding up a giant check to show community impact, but today’s site visitors breeze right past these images.

For Sound, we show impact information in large type and use approachable iconography, plus gentle animation, to introduce Sound’s areas of community focus.

Let's be social

If you don’t tell people that there is party—or how to get there—chances are, no one is going to show up. For Sound, we brought their social media feed right to the home page. Promos, press releases, and important updates posted on their Twitter and Facebook feeds, all show up in real time.

social media feed

Go for the gold

Even when you’re proud of a job well done, it’s nice to have some validation. We felt the redesigned Sound Credit Union site was definitely worth celebrating, then we got word that the site had won a Gold Davey Award for the banking and bill paying category. The secret sauce for that huge win was the trust and partnership between Sound CU and the PixelSpoke team. Everybody wins.

I’ve managed a number of web redesign projects during my career and I have never had a project run so smoothly. You guys have this down to a science and it feels like minimal effort on my part to help keep the process moving along.

— Heather Forseth, Brand Strategist, Sound Credit Union

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