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Highlighting the Combined Power of Technology and Human Connection

Project At a Glance

Ruby Receptionists is a virtual receptionist service that helps small businesses succeed. They are famous for personal, human customer service, but their website was complicated and didn’t showcase their human connection or technological advantages.

We helped Ruby Receptionists simplify how they communicate their service offerings and let their focus on customer delight shine through.

  • Client

    Ruby Receptionists

  • Industry

    Virtual Receptionists

  • Type of Project

    Website Redesign

  • Services

    Web Design & Development

The Challenge

Ruby Receptionists already had top-of-the-line technology, and customer service – but what they didn’t have was a way to show that to prospective customers in various industries.

Our challenge was to work with Ruby’s already stellar branding to create a tailored experience for individual visitor types in key verticals, while showing how Ruby’s technology and customer service vastly outrank the competition.


The Solution

Research, research, research! We dug in deep to all that makes Ruby Receptionists the gem that it is. From customer and staff interviews to analytics reviews to user testing, we figured out exactly what was working and what wasn’t — and then we fixed it.

PixelSpoke’s strategy team took everything we learned in the Define phase and implemented simple and effective buyer journeys for Ruby’s key verticals, clear descriptions of how Ruby’s technology works, and delightful touches that are Ruby to the core.


Ruby Receptionists’s customers are some of the most raving fans we’ve ever seen. But on the old site, customer testimonials seemed like an afterthought. In the redesign, they got a much bigger role.

We created a Legendary Service Stories page where prospective clients can see exactly how Ruby’s service will solve their problems — because it’s how Ruby has already solved similar problems for countless others.

Industry-specific service stories and testimonials are also strategically placed in sections tailored to Ruby’s key markets, so if you’re an attorney, for example, you can see why Ruby is the right fit for you specifically.

Legendary Service Stories

Mobile App

Through our research, we learned that most of Ruby’s current customers conduct all their interactions with Ruby via the mobile app, but prospective customers were barely even aware the app existed.

If you were looking for information about the app on the old website, you probably would have assumed it was old, persnickety technology rather than the modern, intuitive app it really is.

Our redesign of the mobile app pages shows off how easy it is to do everything you need to on the app, no brick phone required.

Ruby Receptionists's Mobile App

Tailored Industry Pages

Before the redesign, all prospective clients followed the same buyer journey, regardless of the different needs in different industries.

Now, there are distinctive, inviting paths for each of Ruby’s seven targeted verticals. These industry-specific pages make it easy to see how Ruby will work for a prospective client’s business and how it solves problems specific to that industry.


Ruby for legal practices

The Results

Ruby Receptionists’s new website reflects both the company’s progressive technology and quirky, human personality. By combining our skill for extensive research with our love of helping clients succeed, we were able to create a website targeted to Ruby’s key verticals that makes it easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy for a website visitor to become the next of Ruby’s raving fans.

Try Ruby

PixelSpoke was the only vendor that weaved in our brand story into their proposal, and they continued to consider and protect our brand throughout the project, cementing them as true partners through our redesign process.

We will continue to look to them in helping us develop our brand digitally through our site and strongly recommend their services for those who might be nervous about handing over your brand and messaging to a third party.

— Katie Hurst, Marketing Communications Manager, Ruby Receptionists

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