Driving Into the Future with a Website Redesign

Project At a Glance

Outside Van is an exciting, young company, but its website was…not. We worked closely with the Outside Van team to show off their very cool products (really, go take a look — we dare you not to want one) and help them “Manifest Joy” through an easy-to-navigate, modern website.

  • Client

    Outside Van

  • Industry

    Custom Automobiles

  • Type of Project

    Website Redesign

  • Services

    Web Design & Development


    Marketing& Strategy Consulting

The Challenge

There were two main challenges. The first was the navigation — instead of easily guiding customers to purchasing options, the confusing layout and menu options led them on a wild goose chase for information.

The second challenge was timing. Outside Van needed a new website yesterday, but there were also exciting business changes coming up in the near future.

The Solution

To solve the problem of confusing navigation, the PixelSpoke strategy team used all the information gathered in the Discover process to design wireframes that clarify the customization process and make it easy to begin a purchase of your very own Outside Van.


To bring Outside Van’s freedom-loving philosophy to life, PixelSpoke’s extensive discovery process is apparent in each moodboard – we dig deep into what makes your company unique, and then we bring it to life. With these moodboards, our Design team brought Outside Van’s freedom-loving philosophy to life.

A Clear Route

On the old website, the confusing layout and menu options led potential customers on a wild goose chase for information.

The PixelSpoke strategy team put itself in a customer’s shoes, and long list of questions arose: Where can I order a van? Can I pick it up tomorrow? How do I see what vans you sell?


Instead of creating an overflowing FAQ page, we created an engaging explanation of the purchasing process on a “How It Works” page. It answers every FAQ, and in a much friendlier, more holistic way than a long list of questions and answers.


Community and a sense of adventure are central to the Outside Van brand, so we created the Tribe as a place to share stories and reach current and potential customers on an emotional level. It’s also a great way to share their user-generated content.

The Results

Outside Van’s new website reflects their super cool brand and makes it easy to become part of the “tribe.” By keeping the long-term plans in mind while working on the short-term goal, many sections of the website that would normally only be modifiable by a skilled developer can now be updated by our client, reducing the time and cost necessary for small website updates as the company evolves.

“The whole thing is off the chain epic!”

— Erik Ekman, CEO, Outside Van

Hannah talking on the phone