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Allegacy FCU: Telling the Story of Wellness

Project at a Glance

Allegacy came to us with dozens of microsites that didn’t align with the credit union’s strong brand, or feature their focus on overall wellness. PixelSpoke organized the many different pieces into a simple, integrated, user-friendly site that tells the story of Allegacy’s focus on holistic wellness for its members.

  • Client

    Allegacy FCU

  • Industry

    Credit Union

  • Type of Project

    Website Redesign

  • Services

    Web Design & Development

The Challenge

Allegacy had a lot (and we mean a lot) of of microsites and subdomains that had been added by well-meaning folks over the years. Not only was it difficult to maintain from an administrative standpoint, but it was nearly impossible to keep the brand consistent over so many different sites.

The credit union needed us to find a way bring it all together and tell their story about financial and holistic wellness.

financial planning

The Solution

We started with the basics. While the previous site was very product-heavy, we redesigned from the ground up by reframing everything into the story of financial and holistic wellness. Through extensive research of their products and materials, we helped the Allegacy team determine the appropriate product or resource for the varied situations of their members. Now visitors are guided through the site based on where they are in life – in debt, getting married, going to college, etc. In very consumer-friendly terms, the site helps carve a path for an individual based on their current needs.

The website also looks different for prospective members and current members – when a prospective member comes to the site, the homepage is all about getting them interested in the holistic wellness approach rather than products.

The Results

Allegacy’s tagline is “Be Your Best You,” and now their website reflects that. Allegacy believes that being fit financially carries over to physical health, community involvement, and general wellbeing. Thoughtfully chosen imagery and carefully crafted copy illustrate this at every turn – an image of two young women hiking is paired with copy like “Checking: Find Your Balance.” Throughout the site, you’ll see videos of people jogging and studying, descriptions of how members can use services to achieve financial fitness, and more.

Before the redesign, Allegacy’s website was mostly about pushing products, but the new focus on holistic wellness sets it apart from competitors.

Be Your Best You

We vetted 10 different web companies and called five references for each of them before we chose a provider. PixelSpoke has been a good blend of technical and design skills, and they have strong corporate values. PixelSpoke has been an ideal fit for Allegacy.

— Brack Morton, Business System Analyst, Allegacy FCU

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