Kerala Taylor Senior Manager of Marketing & Content and Co-Owner

Having spent the first 15 years of my career in nonprofit storytelling and marketing, I believe that meaningful social change can be brought about with limited resources, genuine passion, and a healthy dose of creativity.

My work in marketing and social change actually started in the third grade. After collecting hundreds of sand dollars from San Francisco’s Ocean Beach and then having no idea what to do with them, a friend and I founded The Sandy Sensations. Our mission was simple—to save the world. We tackled this humble goal by selling the sand dollars in front of my house and donating the proceeds to environmental nonprofits.

The Sandy Sensations’ ultimate downfall was its limited inventory, but I had other ideas brewing. At age 21, I co-founded The Glimpse Foundation, dedicated to sharing stories of real life abroad, which merged with The National Geographic Society in 2008. I left National Geographic in 2010 to manage digital marketing for the national nonprofit KaBOOM!. After moving to Portland in 2013, I served as Director of Marketing and Communications for the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network. I hold a BA from Brown University with honors in Creative Writing. A novel that I started while in college, “How Things Break,” won the Elixir Press Inaugural Fiction Award and was published in 2011. I also write regularly for various Medium publications.

At PixelSpoke, I’m excited to be working with a top-notch team to help mission-driven organizations pursue lofty goals.

Personal Highlights

What I love about Portland: My neighbors. We know each other’s names, look out for one another, and hold awesome block parties. I get to raise my kids in a small town in the middle of the city.

My favorite place ever traveled: Kerala, India. Yes, it’s a place, and yes, my hippie parents named me after it.

Hobbies: Writing, running, biking, listening to the TED Radio Hour, and making budgets.

Weirdest thing I’ve eaten:Zebra at a Kenyan restaurant aptly named The Carnivore.

Bonus fact! I like getting up on stage (after months of preparation and at least one martini) to tell funny stories.