Hannah Ferber Account Manager

The common theme throughout my career has been picking up almost any problem and figuring out solutions, whether applying existing skills or learning new ones.

This passion for problem solving has translated naturally into our work at PixelSpoke. I’m proud of the number of organizations that we have helped to improve their websites and digital marketing, ranging from small companies to global corporations.

I’ve studied business at Dartmouth, Disabilities Education at San Jose State, and I have a B.A. in mathematics from Macalester College. I’ve been fortunate to work in several different fields, including academic research, teaching in low-income schools, managing and growing urban school mentorship programs, web programming, project management and account management. I occasionally satisfy my academic and mentorship instincts by sharing the lessons I learn in the marketing space over at our PixelPerspectives blog.

At PixelSpoke, I get to learn constantly and collaborate with a team of smart and kind peers to help our clients understand and create results in the digital space.

Personal Highlights

What I love about Portland – The cultural events, passion for community engagement and the desserts!

My favorite place ever traveled – Slovenia…castles, caves, forests, beaches, and seafood; overall a cute little country with much to be proud of.

Hobbies – Knitting, gardening, traveling, dance, pilates, and cycling.

Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten – Tomato soup with fish eyes in Budapest.

Bonus fact! I received a National Science Foundation grant to research an area of algebraic combinatorics.