Elle Hamson WordPress Developer

When people talk about their dream job, it’s often something glamorous or adventurous, for me, it’s working with a great team of people who love learning and pushing the limits in their field. PixelSpoke is that team. We strive to create an environment that’s more than just work, it’s a place of growth, of understanding, and of dedication to finding the best solutions.

As a WordPress Developer, the projects here never cease to pique my interest. We love building cool stuff and trying new things. I also get to explore my love for security and backend development. Have an interesting server setup? Send it my way, I’d love to dive in!

Personal Highlights

What I love about Portland: I love how engaged this city is in change and constantly wanting to make Portland a place where everyone feels welcome.

My favorite place ever traveled: Jordan! I could walk for hours around Amman, and never find the same street twice, even if I wanted to. It’s an ancient maze of molded white sand and it’s beautiful.

Hobbies: I like building remote control flying objects! It’s fun.

Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten: When I was five,  a boy bet that I couldn’t eat a live worm … I’m not proud, but I did win.

Bonus fact! I know the first 100 digits of pi. I keep hoping it will come in handy when I want free pie, so far no.