David Drouin

Creative Director

I have worked as a visual designer for almost two decades. The common thread throughout my career has been my drive to collaboratively develop the central visual concept and ensure that it is accurately and coherently brought to life.

I have always had a passion for listening and making sure that our clients feel heard. There is a unique and meaningful personality inside all organizations; the right questions help us to understand and communicate this personality.

I have worked in a range of design agencies. I started out in exhibit design, moved on to textbook publishing, spent time in Manhattan in the web division of a large agency, and worked as the art director for a national magazine here in Portland.

At PixelSpoke, I pursue the balance between the aesthetics and function of visual design. We always strive to create a visitor experience that is both useful and beautiful.

Personal Highlights

What I love about Portland – The outdoors, the great food and drink, the people.

My favorite place ever traveled – Nepal, because of the amazing people, scenery and tea.

Hobbies – Homebrewing, riding motorcycles, rooting for the Portland Timbers, raising chickens/gardening and traveling with my lovely wife.

Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten – Some ‘friends’ in Nepal tricked me into eating parts of a goat normally reserved for reproduction. Further proof that you can fry just about anything and make it palatable.

Bonus fact! I was a licensed massage therapist in Texas, but I ultimately stuck with a career in design.