The Remarkable Credit Union Podcast

What distinguishes a “typical” credit union from one that is truly remarkable?
Find out in our monthly podcast.

The Remarkable Credit Union, hosted by PixelSpoke CEO Cameron Madill, is for credit union leaders and marketers who want to challenge preconceptions about “business as usual.”

  • Get business and marketing insights from trailblazers both inside and outside the credit union industry.
  • Learn how to identify and pursue your true core and differentiators. (Hint: they’re not great service and competitive rates)
  • Think about how to “innovate differently.” Innovation doesn’t have to mean fintech.

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Thank you for you and your team’s production of the Remarkable CU podcast. It is info packed and interesting. As the CEO of a small CU, and the director of a CU trade association, I appreciate the work you do and the message you convey.

— Ron Draper, CEO, Somerville’s Credit Union

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About the Host

Cameron Madill is the co-founder and CEO of PixelSpoke, a digital marketing agency that partners with credit unions and other mission-driven companies to create websites that deliver and delight. PixelSpoke, a worker-owned cooperative and certified B Corp, is committed to a triple bottom line — people, planet, and profit. Cameron is a Certified CU Development Educator (CUDE) and a founding member of B Local PDX, which serves the Portland B Corp community and advocates for business as a force for good.

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