Our Clients

We proudly partner with credit unions and other mission-driven companies.


To make sure we are building and sustaining true “Everybody Wins” relationships, we measure our Net Promotor Score (NPS) via regular surveys. This survey measures how likely our clients are to recommend us to others – the true mark of a delighted partner!

  • How is NPS calculated?

    NPS is based on a simple calculation:

    % of delighted clients – % of unhappy clients

    Clients who are merely satisfied are ignored completely, making this a very difficult metric to score high on.

  • Our 2021 NPS

  • Is That Good?

    The World Class NPS Benchmark is 70, and the average score in our industry is 44, so it’s pretty darn good! In keeping with our core value, “Improve Every Day,” we also ask for feedback in our NPS survey on how we can better meet and serve our client needs.

Excellent product, great people, incredible customer service. Would recommend PixelSpoke to anyone.

— Jim McCarthy, Trailhead Credit Union

Why We Love Credit Unions

We find that credit unions tend to share our passion for social impact, our concern for collective wellness, and our commitment to local communities. We believe that financial institutions can and should be a force for good, and we believe that great things can happen when two socially minded businesses work together.

Our credit union clients include:

PixelSpoke Credit Union Partners

Our PixelSpoke account manager offers terrific support whenever needed but also proactively provides valuable insights and suggestions to keep us on a progressive track.

— Colleen King, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Allegacy Federal Credit Union

Our Other Mission-Driven Partners

Of course, credit unions aren’t the only organizations out there working for the common good. We also partner with other B Corps, cooperatives, nonprofits, and mission-driven companies. We believe it’s important to keep up with best practices across industries, to push ourselves to think out of the box, and to continue honing our creative chops.

Our other mission-driven partners include:

PixelSpoke Mission-Driven Partners

Excellent project management, prize-winning website – constantly evolving and improving, access to best practices and industry tools, FUN to work with.

— Suzanne Olson, OPALCO

Who We Don't Work With

To focus our energy on areas we specialize in and to better serve our partners, we don’t work with:

  • Large corporations

    If you’re a national or multinational corporation, we’re probably not the right fit for you.

  • Startups with an undefined business model

    We recommend honing your business model before investing in a fancy website.

  • E-commerce stores

    We’re not e-commerce experts. You’re better off with an agency that specializes in this market.