Online banking customers welcome interactivity

We just love it when someone comes along and backs up one of our brilliant ideas with statistics. That’s what happened today as I was cruising along comScore’s website and found this press release detailing the importance of customer experience in online banking. A while back, one of the brilliant minds here at CBC wrote a blog post about how useful it would be if bank websites had live customer chat where you could get immediate help from a financial services specialist. Looks like we aren’t the only ones who would welcome a little bit of interactivity into our online banking.

The comScore study revealed that 25% of survey respondents would value the ability to chat online with a bank representative. Since the number of people banking online increases every year, I would imagine that interest in a service like this would continue to grow as well.


Other online banking services that people appear receptive to include: widgets displaying account balance and personal financial management. There was a mention that behavioral data shows adoption rates lower than the interest expressed in the services, but according to Brian Jurutka, VP at comScore, “This may be due to the fact that many banks have not yet developed capabilities to adequately match consumer expectations.” I think so too.

From a bank marketing standpoint, having live online chat would be a pretty important way of proving your story if your bank brand is built around “superior customer service”. (By the way, there are a lot of financial institutions out there waving that flag, so why don’t you try differentiating your institution with something that’s actually different).

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