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Ken Tomita

Bringing Humanity to Product: The Grovemade Story

Ken Tomita, co-founder and CEO of Grovemade, joins the podcast to talk about how his company brings humanity to product by understanding its customers on a personal level; how it leverages the four levels of customer engagement; and how financial institutions can expand beyond the commodity market. Key Insights and Takeaways   Never take your assumptions about who your customers … Continue reading

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In Members’ Minds: What We Can Learn from Observing Our Members

Cat Fitzgerald from Filene’s Digital Strategies group joins Cameron to discuss what she has learned from observing hundreds of tests of credit union members trying to sign up for products. Here’s a hint: like any good relationship, it should have the right amount of give and take.     Transcript:   Cameron – Hello and welcome to another episode of … Continue reading

CU 2.0

The Reinvented Credit Union: How to Thrive in the 21st Century

Kirk Drake, author of the new book CU 2.0: A Guide for Credit Unions Competing in the Digital Age, joins Cameron on the podcast to talk about what assumptions credit unions need to leave behind, what members are really looking for, and why “failure” is a key part of success in the digital world.    Cameron’s Key Takeaways Start small. You … Continue reading

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How Credit Union Members Become Disloyal — And What To Do About It

Customer loyalty expert Lara Ponomareff joins us to talk about how you can measure effort and why it is the biggest source of disloyalty in your credit union today, even greater than Net Promoter Score. Lara offers practical tips to make it easier for your members to do business with you, how to connect innovation and effort, and what Disney … Continue reading

Ruby Receptionists

Frugal Delight: How To Create Loyalty Through Simple Interactions

Katharine Nester is the Chief Product & Technology Officer at Ruby Receptionists, one of the 10 most admired companies in Oregon. She joined the podcast to talk about how businesses can turn simple transactions — digital and in person — into moments of magic that delight their customers, build loyalty, and increase profitability. Cameron’s Key Takeaways Delight is about anticipating … Continue reading

Punk Rock Marketing: How a Business Can Stand Out and Build Raving Fans in a Commodity Industry — Podcast

What does punk rock have to do with marketing? Find out in this podcast with Jenelle Isaacson, CEO of Living Room Realty, one of the fastest growing real estate companies on the West Coast. Jenelle shares what she learned about marketing from being a punk rocker, how she gave up control to her agents to find the stories that resonated in … Continue reading

Discover What Members Really Want – Podcast

Tansley Stearns, Chief Impact Officer at Filene Research Institute, joins the podcast to discuss the importance of live observational research in discovering what members really want. You’ll learn about a metric that may be more predictive than NPS, why Tansley believes iteration is the real gift of the digital age, and what she considers to be the key pillars of … Continue reading

Engaging Members by Getting Hyper Local – Podcast

Melina Young, Director of Marketing and Brand at Verity Credit Union and one of CUES’ 15 Top Next Credit Union Execs, discusses how Verity is engaging their members by being hyper-local. She presents a positive way to view large competitors and reminds us that we can avoid day-to-day doldrums and make more authentic connections by focusing on the “why.” Listen on: … Continue reading

Experiential Marketing and The Long Tail – Podcast

Jeff Stephens, a leading expert on financial services branding, joins us to discuss his career in branding financial institutions. Jeff discusses how to market to your members using all 5 of the senses, how the long tail is changing financial institutions, and why differentiation is hard and necessary. Listen on: iTunes | SoundCloud

How to Win by Creating Raving Fans with Net Promoter Score – Podcast

Eric Gregg, a leading expert on NPS, discusses his insights on how credit unions can succeed with a Net Promoter Score® program — and how they can fail. Eric explains how to implement a service recovery program to delight unhappy members, his firm’s 2-1-1 process for making NPS drive results in your credit union, and how to connect loyalty drivers … Continue reading

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