Online resources for week of January 16

An assortment of articles that we have found useful at Synotac this week for web design, video, time management, and more.


YouTube is revamping to be based around shows and channels (more like a competitor to Hulu or Netflix) to keep visitors on YouTube for longer than a few minutes: Streaming Dreams, The New Yorker, 1.16.2012

Video streaming (Ustream specifically, which we’re using for Lunch + Learns!) can promote democracy but also can identify protesters and people behind the camera (some organizations are working on technology to make the footage / faces anonymous): Visibility before all, The Economist, 1.14.2012

Email Marketing

How triggered emails can be much more effective than email newsletters because of their ability to be relevant to people’s needs:  Trigger Happy: Why emails are the magic bullets of marketing automation and shopping cart recovery, Marketing Sherpa Blog, 1.10.2012

How getting better data on your email efforts can dramatically improve their effectiveness:
Email Marketing: How a credit union selected a new database vendor and increased revenue per email 205%, Marketing Sherpa, 1.17.2012

Social Media

Excellent write-up on technical aspects of integrating social media approval and Facebook comments into a WordPress website: How To Integrate Facebook, Twitter, And Google+ in WordPress

Help keep people on your site! Want More Stickiness? Users Logging In Through Social Networks Spend 50% More Time On Site, Tech Crunch, 1.18.2012

Time management

Doing creative work with small chunks of time: The Counter-Intuitive Benefits of Small Time Blocks, 99%, January 2012