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Great Word of Mouth Marketing Infographic for Banks and Credit Unions

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association recently released a great info graphic called The Word and the World of Customers:  Word of Mouth Marketing Offline and Online.  Embedded in this nicely designed infographic is a wealth of interesting tidbits that bank and credit union branding and marketing folks will find useful.

Introducing Tribed and Wag: The Bank for Dog Fanatics

For many years, you have heard us at CBC talk about our principles of bank branding. You’ve seen us evangelize word of mouth marketing, highly targeted brand strategies, and unique thinking about a bank’s business model. In other words, we’ve always been a coach, helping our clients implement innovative strategies. Today, we become not only the coach, but the client … Continue reading

Industry experts asked: “What will marketing look like in 2020?”

Last week CU Water Cooler’s online radio program, Liquid Lunch, brought together a number of industry experts to talk about credit union marketing. The conversation, hosted by Denise Wymore, was a follow-up to her “What will marketing look like in 2020” interview series and included CBC’s own Jeff Stephens, along with Olivier Raoust, James Robert Lay and Kent Dicken. Listen … Continue reading

A brand new year!

At the start of each year, we tend to analyze ourselves and make resolutions for self-improvement. Brands should do the same thing. There is always more that your bank or credit union brand could be doing to prove its story. Here are a couple resolutions that I would like to see financial companies make during 2010: 1. Present a unified … Continue reading

Follow CBC and PSST! on Twitter

You may already be following our CEO Jeff on Twitter (, but we’ve also created separate Twitter accounts for CBC and PSST! Get insightful updates on marketing, branding and financial industry developments by following us at: and We’ll also let you know when new blogs are posted or if we find cool, relevant stuff online. But don’t worry, … Continue reading

All online marketing?

I won’t lie, the first thing that grabbed my attention about this Ad Age article was…well…the beverage. I happen to be a fan of SoCo (Southern Comfort, for those of you who do not drink this) and was thinking that I hadn’t had it in awhile nor seen any advertising around it. As I read further, I became intrigued at … Continue reading

Simple bike love or great marketing?

I don’t usually participate in contests and marketing campaigns to win things and stuff (mostly because I don’t want people sending me junk mail and I just don’t feel like I have the time to waste). But when I saw this contest from Madsen Cycles, I totally jumped on it and have been working hard to get people to click … Continue reading

Some words on Comcast

I like the new Comcast campaign (Comcast Town). I am a little annoyed that they’ve taken on the feel of the movie Juno (more specifically Kimya Dawson’s style of music) but it’s weird and it’s growing on me. So they also have this new interactive website that ties in with the commercials. I’d like to try but I don’t have … Continue reading

Credit union marketers receptive to WOM

A few months ago, we announced the launch of CBC’s word of mouth marketing division, PSST! Since then, PSST! has been getting a lot of attention – mainly from the credit union industry. Most recently, Credit Union Times featured a half-page article that profiled the service and discussed the recipe for successful word of mouth. Why are credit unions so … Continue reading

The Mattress Name Game

While shopping for a new mattress last weekend, I had the opportunity to experience the entertaining, and very creepy, sales tactics used by mattress sales people. Besides learning way too much mattress specifications (like the fact that the Simmons Beautyrest® line was the first to patent their Pocketed Coil® or Pocketed Cable Coil™ ), I also learned that the whole … Continue reading