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7 Design Ideas Credit Unions Can Use to Amp Up Their Websites Now

PixelSpoke was recently featured in an article in The Financial Brand about design ideas that credit unions and community banks can use to improve their websites. Here’s more from Financial Brand editor, Bill Streeter: Most websites in retail banking are lagging behind other industries by at least five years. The experience is often clunky, and the design is typically dated. … Continue reading

Website Makeover: Los Alamos National Bank

We are proud to showcase our latest website makeover, a website redesign for Los Alamos National Bank (LANB). LANB is an independent, local bank with roots that date back over 55 years. Here are few ways we helped them better tell their story and showcase their products.   Homepage The old homepage did little to differentiate LANB or bring it to … Continue reading

Site Study: Umpqua Bank

When we ask our clients which financial websites they look to as inspiration for their own, Umpqua Bank’s website is one of the most commonly cited. We’re fans of the site too, so we’re taking a look at what makes it so popular and what could be done even better — and providing you with actionable steps to make Umpqua-inspired … Continue reading

Finding and Hitting the Marketing Bullseye for Credit Unions – Podcast

Ron Shevlin, a leading research expert in credit unions and banks, shares his theory of how credit unions can find and execute on a marketing bullseye. He also discusses what trust really means for a credit union, what you can learn from marriage counselors to become stickier with your members, and how the whole industry will need to transform to … Continue reading

The Credit Union Website Launch Checklist

You’re ready to launch your credit union’s new website—congratulations! Before going live, be sure to review details that are simple to overlook to ensure the site looks great, meets visitor needs and is engaging. The following checklist items are not always included in standard lists, but are vital to the site succeeding in the financial industry. The Checklist: Check, Check … Continue reading

The Many-screened Hydra

In the second of the mighty Heracles’s legendary twelve labors, he confronted the Hydra. The Hydra was a terrifying creature with many heads, poisonous breath, blood so virulent that even its tracks were deadly, and for each head that was cut off, two more would grow in its place. In an epic struggle, he killed this awful creature through a … Continue reading

Responsive Design Case Study: Online Job Application

Back in the good old days of 2010 when our client Prosum had us first build their online job search tool, there was no such thing as a tablet, and smartphones were so slow that people did the majority of their online job hunting from a desktop computer instead. A lot has changed in only four years, and we have seen … Continue reading

Easy Animation for Emails

Every so often we realize that an old technology can be effective in a new setting. In our last digital insight we looked at email-to-text, and this time we’ll look at how one of the worst design features of the early web has become a truly compelling tool for engaging emails and content marketing. I’m speaking about animated GIFs. Remember seeing images … Continue reading

Designing for the Extremes

OXO is a company that is beloved throughout the world for making kitchenware that is a delight to use. They do for kitchens what Apple did for smart phones. They build products that people love through a simple concept called designing for extremes. To see how their products differ from standard kitchenware, take a look at these two potato peelers: … Continue reading

If you build it, they might go away

Try this: ask someone nearby to search the Internet for a piece of information—say, the cost of milk in Kansas. Now, without being creepy, watch that person find the answer. Did you notice the person’s eyes zipping around like a two-year-old after nap time? This is incredibly common, because it’s how people view the Web. No one reads it like … Continue reading

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