Author: Kyle Fillo

The Ultimate Question for Your Website Forms

Visualize this situation: You’ve just met someone you’re attracted to and had a pleasant five-minute conversation. There’s a pause in the conversation, and then they casually ask you, “So, would you like to get married, have 2.2 children and move to the suburbs?” Sounds crazy, right? Except this happens all the time in marketing and sales. You email a company … Continue reading

Making Search Engine Results Stand Out

The higher your rank for a search term, the more traffic you get, right? For the most part, yes.  But let’s look at one of the most useful tools that you have to stand out today.  Let’s look at the results for the search query “Quiet Book:” Which one of these results would you click on?  Search engines are increasingly … Continue reading

How to know if your marketing test means anything

One of the most important principles of marketing is to test messaging and persuasive elements to learn what resonates with your customers. Complicated technical setups have prevented many companies from taking advantage of online testing, but that may change since Google just added a free testing tool directly into Google Analytics. After playing around with it a bit, we can safely … Continue reading

5 Tips for Client Retention Through Great Service Recovery

by Tracy Streebel, VP Marketing, Inavero It is inevitable. You aren’t perfect and most clients don’t expect you to be. But when they are upset, they do expect you to fix it and recover perfectly from the issue. A Net Promoter Score(R) survey provides you and your team with the information needed to take positive action to recover from a … Continue reading

Productivity Tools for Web Designers

Here at Synotac Web Design, we have a fairly in-depth web design process. That’s why, as website designers, we try to be as efficient as possible through using the right tools. Here’s a set of nifty productivity tools for you to explore: Dropbox Have you ever emailed yourself a file so you can view it later at work or at … Continue reading

Guest Post: 5 Mobile Web Mistakes To Avoid!

Despite it’s recent popularity, the mobile web is still in its infancy, technologically speaking.  But that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start talking about how brands and businesses can improve their mobile marketing strategies and start engaging users on the small screen. For businesses that need a little help managing the market and distinguishing their brand from the rest … Continue reading

Customization is Key: Creating Powerful WordPress Plugins to Control Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions At PixelSpoke, when we’re working with a client, we spend a amount of time in the define stage where we get to know our clients and their businesses so that we can create a custom solution for their web design needs. Sometimes that means understanding how a company or individual wants to be seen or understood by their … Continue reading

The Basics of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing consists of promoting your website through increasing its visibility in search engines. This can be accomplished through organic search engine optimization and/or pay per click search engine marketing. Notice the screen capture of a search engine results page. Pay per click advertisements are outlined in red, while organic listings are outlined in yellow. Organic Search Engine Optimization … Continue reading

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