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Site Study: PenFed Credit Union

Established in 1935, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, or PenFed, is one of America’s steadiest and strongest financial institutions, even beyond the category of credit unions. With more than 1.7 million members, in all 50 states and several US territories, and over $24 billion in assets, PenFed is committed to helping their members ‘do better’ through their shared beliefs in both … Continue reading

Ken Tomita

Bringing Humanity to Product: The Grovemade Story

Ken Tomita, co-founder and CEO of Grovemade, joins the podcast to talk about how his company brings humanity to product by understanding its customers on a personal level; how it leverages the four levels of customer engagement; and how financial institutions can expand beyond the commodity market. Key Insights and Takeaways   Never take your assumptions about who your customers … Continue reading

PixelSpoke's Cameron Madill Featured in Portland Business Journal

Our CEO Cameron is off using business as a force for good again, in true B Corps style. He was quoted by the Portland Business Journal in an article about the work he’s doing with the Portland B Local Board. The Portland B Local Board’s mission is to help provide resources and community support to help Portland B Corps maximize the … Continue reading

8 Strategies That Use Social Media (and not the other way around)

You can buy 500 Facebook likes for $5 with a simple Google search and a few minutes of your own time (see: and dozens of similar sites). A Google search for “Facebook zombie profiles” will show you the kinds of accounts that will make up that collection of 500 likes … not the sort of people you want associated with … Continue reading

Clarity Trumps Creativity in Email Marketing

A basic adage of email marketing is that if no one opens your email, they won’t be able to click on anything inside it.  So email subject lines are naturally critical to our success in communicating with our email database. AWeber recently conducted a fascinating study into what kinds of emails create engagement.  They sent 45,000 subscribers a series of … Continue reading

The Ultimate Question for Your Website Forms

Visualize this situation: You’ve just met someone you’re attracted to and had a pleasant five-minute conversation. There’s a pause in the conversation, and then they casually ask you, “So, would you like to get married, have 2.2 children and move to the suburbs?” Sounds crazy, right? Except this happens all the time in marketing and sales. You email a company … Continue reading

Making Search Engine Results Stand Out

The higher your rank for a search term, the more traffic you get, right? For the most part, yes.  But let’s look at one of the most useful tools that you have to stand out today.  Let’s look at the results for the search query “Quiet Book:” Which one of these results would you click on?  Search engines are increasingly … Continue reading

How to know if your marketing test means anything

One of the most important principles of marketing is to test messaging and persuasive elements to learn what resonates with your customers. Complicated technical setups have prevented many companies from taking advantage of online testing, but that may change since Google just added a free testing tool directly into Google Analytics. After playing around with it a bit, we can safely … Continue reading

5 Tips for Client Retention Through Great Service Recovery

by Tracy Streebel, VP Marketing, Inavero It is inevitable. You aren’t perfect and most clients don’t expect you to be. But when they are upset, they do expect you to fix it and recover perfectly from the issue. A Net Promoter Score(R) survey provides you and your team with the information needed to take positive action to recover from a … Continue reading

Productivity Tools for Web Designers

Here at Synotac Web Design, we have a fairly in-depth web design process. That’s why, as website designers, we try to be as efficient as possible through using the right tools. Here’s a set of nifty productivity tools for you to explore: Dropbox Have you ever emailed yourself a file so you can view it later at work or at … Continue reading

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