Month: January 2012

Online resources for week January 23

This week we have a doozy of a collection of web resources being shared at the Synotac offices! These are primarily resources around digital marketing, and are relevant to folks doing in-house marketing, as well as interactive agencies and web design firms. Of course, we tossed a few curve balls in a well on the history of computers and other … Continue reading

Presentation Zen: Best Practices for Presentations

Almost everyone gives presentations, whether informal discussions about website design or a large interactive agency pitching a new digital marketing brand. This article covers some presentation suggestions inspired by Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen and his general philosophical approach to presentations. We use these suggested techniques in presentations during the web design process as well as during educational sessions. At Synotac, … Continue reading

Online resources for week of January 16

An assortment of articles that we have found useful at Synotac this week for web design, video, time management, and more. Video YouTube is revamping to be based around shows and channels (more like a competitor to Hulu or Netflix) to keep visitors on YouTube for longer than a few minutes: Streaming Dreams, The New Yorker, 1.16.2012 Video streaming (Ustream … Continue reading

Productivity Tools for Web Designers

Here at Synotac Web Design, we have a fairly in-depth web design process. That’s why, as website designers, we try to be as efficient as possible through using the right tools. Here’s a set of nifty productivity tools for you to explore: Dropbox Have you ever emailed yourself a file so you can view it later at work or at … Continue reading