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Easy Animation for Emails

Every so often we realize that an old technology can be effective in a new setting. In our last digital insight we looked at email-to-text, and this time we’ll look at how one of the worst design features of the early web has become a truly compelling tool for engaging emails and content marketing. I’m speaking about animated GIFs. Remember seeing images … Continue reading

New Uses for Old Technology

Email + Text = Responsiveness Ever heard this phrase from a prospective buyer about a company they are considering? “If this is how they are to work with before I’ve given them my money, I can only imagine what it will be like after I sign a contract.” One of our company goals for 2014 is to respond to all sales … Continue reading

You expect me to remember that password?

You know better than to use password123, but then what? PixelSpoke recently updated our website hosting to address a number of new opportunities, including improved security. However, one of the most important aspects of security isn’t how fancy your server security settings are, but how good your password habits are! Think of it this way: you can install the securest … Continue reading

Should I put my email address on my website?

Why use a contact form instead of sharing an email address? PixelSpoke often recommends the use of a contact form on a website to get prospects and customers to send you email rather than posting an email address online. Benefits of a contact form: Ease of use when a customer is ready to contact you No need to open an … Continue reading

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