Why we became a B Corp (and why you should too)

Have you heard of B Corps? It’s a new movement in business that has the audacious goal to redefine success in business. While young, this movement has had a tremendous reach already and includes over 1,000 companies, including well-known companies like Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, and Portland’s own New Seasons. This movement is designed to address a fundamental flaw in our capitalist system. This … Continue reading

What you need to know about Google Analytics Universal

What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google, to track activity on a website. This includes detailed information about  website traffic and the sources (search engines, links from other websites, social media, direct search and so on) of this traffic. It is essentially a popularity meter. With the right use of Google Analytics and improvements to … Continue reading

The Digital Easter Egg

Did you ever do an Easter egg hunt as a child?I did. I loved the thrill of running around and trying to find bright, decorated eggs in clever hiding locations by outsmarting the other kids. I always made sure to end the hunt with a bigger stash than anyone else…I’m competitive like that.Let’s see how this plays out in the new, … Continue reading

Multi-screen Online Dating

Have you ever tried online dating? I’m only mildly embarrassed to say I have. It’s a weird, weird, weird world that can teach us a lot about our customers in the new multi-screen world.In this world, people try to find someone they want to go on a date with based purely on online information. Unfortunately, the sources of information are … Continue reading

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