Droplifting or Shopdropping….


Greetings from the newest member of CBC! I’ve recently stumbled upon a fun site called WebUrbanist.com an “urban design, culture, travel architecture and alternative art” website. While perusing the headlines I came across a style of Guerrilla Marketing called Shopdropping or Droplifting. The names are so delicious I can’t stand it. Here is how WebUrbanist defines it:

“Shopdropping, also known as droplifting, is the incredible act of reverse shoplifting: going into stores and putting things onto the shelves.”

There seem to be many reasons to Droplift, but whether it is for artistic amusement, political or social awareness, self-promotion or artistic expression, it is sure to be noticed by the consumer.

Mixed Messages: a shop dropping intervention

It’s this brand of unique message delivery that stands out in the consumer mind, regardless of the daily bombardment of traditional billboard, television or radio advertising. Financial institutions should consider pursuing this non-traditional marketing technique. After all, at the store consumers are constantly thinking about money and what they can afford. It’s brilliant!


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