Mike Heiser


My career in business development began at large agencies such as Ogilvy, where I learned one of the most useful lessons of my career: always expect more from your work than you think is possible.

I’ve also worked at some small agencies; I’ve had ownership and management positions at several others; and before joining PixelSpoke I worked as marketing director for The Oregonian. From these experiences, I learned an equally important lesson: dream big, but plan in small, realistic steps.

Marketing is a polarizing industry. It is equally vilified for shallow chicanery and lauded for inexhaustible creativity. PixelSpoke is a web marketing company, certainly, but at its core PixelSpoke is built around creation. Websites, Marketing Action Plans, long-term social campaigns—with every project we undertake, we look at a client’s vision for their business and figure out what we can build together. The possibilities are endless.

Personal Highlights

  • What I love about Portland – Beer and bridges!
  • My favorite place ever traveled – Korea
  • Hobbies – Autocross and car repair
  • Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten – Dog
  • Bonus fact! I once sang the USC fight song with O.J. Simpson in front of a real-estate convention (this was before the trial)