Ready to Engage Randy
meets you at a trade show

He signs up for email offers at your company booth.

He receives your great offer on his smart phone.

Randy signs up for your program on the landing page.

Is your digital program ready to help Randy become a new customer?

Exploratory Ellen does a Google search for your type of service.

Your blog post stands out in her search results.

She finds highly relevant content in your post.

Ellen fills out a lead capture form on your website.

Is your digital program able to help Ellen become a new customer?

Do you have a plan to continuously engage your customers in 2015?



We work with a variety of B2B clients, including those in the professional and technical services sectors.

Financial Institutions

Local credit unions and community development financial institutions face a unique set of challenges and we help these clients connect with the people they serve.

Membership Organizations

Businesses with a built-in constituency must engage their members over the long-term and we help them build the digital presence to do this.
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Your website is the hub of your marketing efforts and often the most tangible expression of your company's core beliefs and customer engagement approach.

Brand and Identity

We specialize in creating strong and vibrant B2B brands designed to reach our clients' unique audiences.

Microsites & Campaigns

We specialize in producing highly engaging marketing campaigns that span email, ads, collateral and microsites designed to reach a targeted audience with focused content.
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Located in downtown Portland, Oregon, PixelSpoke combines artistic ability with a metric-based approach to website development. This winning formula of designing visually appealing websites, and using web analytics to improve design performance, helps us generate results for our clients and establish long-lasting relationships.
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